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New : Carbo-Loading Party – a pasta & pizza party for all Poreč Dolphin participants starting at 8:00 p.m. on 1st September  (100m from the starting line) – free pasta or pizza and a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice, with excellent musical selections by DJ Giancarlo. Fill out an entry form and pay your registration fee by Friday 1st September and qualify for this free offer, and enjoy your swim in the Poreč Dolphin the following day.

Sign up for the Poreč Dolphin Carbo-Loading Party via email: info@to-porec.com or in person at Tequila Beach Bar.

Saturday, 2nd September 2017
09:00 h Start - Cro-Cup, the Croatian championship in long-distance swimming Hotel Pical beach
09:30 - 15:00 h Start - Amateur swimming marathon "Poreč Dolphin" Hotel Pical beach

In case of bad weather, the marathon start will be delayed for a maximum time of 3 hours from the announced time, up to 12:00.
If the weather conditions will still be bad, the start will be postponed for the next day (sunday)